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In order to avoid the awkwardness that I would feel by jumping headlong into fic-writing-era I have decided a bit of an introduction is in order.

My name is Olivia Johnson Smith, it is rather unfortunate that I wasn't born male or my future son would undoubtedly be named John. I'm a cliche like that and a long time lover of The Dead Zone. Great book and great series that. I've recently found a kindling love for the Doctor Who series, the eleventh doctor is my doctor. I tried watching during the times of Eccleston and Tennant and it didn't hold my interest at all. It might have something to do with the fact that I find Matt Smith adorable (and we share a common name) but that certainly can never be proved. The only thing that bothers me about Smith's doctor is the fact that I find myself hard pressed to be intimidated by him. I did watch some Doctor Who during the Tennant era and I noticed a certain presence he has that Smith seems to lack, he's a time lord and with Tennant you could tell by his bearing...he seemed old and wise and maybe more like a frightening god. But I suppose since the tenth doctor did end up going a little mad with power, it can be explained away. That is all.

I've read some reviews by people who started reading The Dresden File books simply because I was curious what others thought of them. I am by no means I book critic but I was surprised to find some people did not share the joy that I felt while reading the first book. To me, Harry reminded me of the narrator from A Catcher in the Rye--a book I adore--because they seemed to have that way about them. I love books that surprise laughter out of me.

And let lastly let me talk about a book I abhor. Big Girl by Danielle Steel is one of the most atrocious pieces of literature I have ever read in my life. I was so disappointed because the premise seemed promising.  I love books about girls that don't look like sticks or have perfect curves but get the guy anyway. But this...the whole book was basically a summary of events and after the main character gave a speech about how being different is wonderful and should be embraced, she later gets a nose job. Why? What message are you trying to tell to me, Madam Steel? That I need to spend thousands of dollars on surgery in order to get people to like me? I literally threw the book across the room. She did end of getting a guy who was perfect and I didn't get why he couldn't be normal. To show her parents that she could get someone who looked like he did, despite how she looked? For shame, Mrs. Steel. She should have had nothing to prove and I don't know what kind of odd reality you were trying to make but I will never live in it.
Thankfully I had ordered Storm Front along with Steel, so I had something to greatly cheer me up afterward. So there was a happy ending.


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